Counseling @ WHS
The WHS Counseling Department includes four school counselors, our College and Career Center Specialist, School-Based Mental Health Therapist, Bilingual Community Liaison and Registrar.  All of us are here to support our students in achieving their goals both during and following high school. Current student to counselor ratio is 450:1.
This page includes information about how students and families may get in touch with us, as well as our contact information.  Please view our other pages for additional information from our department that may be helpful to students and their families.
Contacting Your School Counselor
If you are a STUDENT and want to meet with your counselor, you may do any of the following:
  • Appointments: Students may make an appointment to see their counselor by filling out an appointment request in the Student Service Center. This method is best if you think your question or concern might take more time to address. 
  • Email: Sending your counselor an email saves students from missing important class instruction and having to wait in line. Emailing your counselor is a quick and easy way to get answers to your questions and concerns.
If you are a PARENT or GUARDIAN, please use the following guidelines:
If you have a question about your student's current grade or course content, please contact the teacher directly.  You may use Canvas or AERIES to monitor your student's progress in his or her classes. The counselors do not have additional information regarding specific classes, so teachers will be best equipped to inform and guide you.
If you have a general question or concern for your student's counselor, the most expedient way to contact him or her is through email. You can also contact your student's counselor through voicemail. Counselors will try to get back to you within 24-48 hours (not including weekends or Holidays). Please keep in mind that if you're calling about a teacher-related issue, we ask that you have communicated with the teacher first. 


Counseling Staff

Daniela Azuela last names A - E



Carolina Pizano last names F - Lim


Kimberly Basl, last names Lin - Rem


Miriam Wesson, last names Ren - Z



Rene Klaus, College & Career


Felicia Del Real, Mental Health Therapist (MFT)


Norma Sanchez, Bilingual (Spanish) Community Liaison


Gail Arenberg, Registrar