9th Grade

Attention Parent/Guardian: We're excited to be back in person! Listen to the great resources we offer at Westmont!
Fall 2021: School counselors went over the 9th grade classroom presentation in August. Topics covered included: schedule, expectations, graduation requirements, A-G requirements, becoming involved and how to become a Westmont Warrior! 
Throughout 9th grade we would like students to begin thinking about what their strengths are and which careers they are possibly interested in for the future because 9th grade is about self-exploration. Counselors and Mrs. Klaus will work with students to start this exploration process via Naviance. Parents/Guardians will receive their own Naviance account information through an email (make sure your Aeries email is accurate) by October so you can also explore the Naviance/Family Connection website with your student!
Click here for more information about Naviance.
Spring 2022: The Counseling Department will visit all 9th grade PE classrooms for Programming January 25 January 31 to explain class options for the following school year. Counselors will also meet with each student individually to discuss their choices and review their transcript. All course information will be sent home with students and class schedule choices will require a parent/guardian signature. Please look for these YELLOW forms to come home with your student.
Students may choose to change their class choices until April 22. Please keep in mind, all Westmont classes are year long and students are not allowed to drop courses! 
Parents and students should all register for School Loop!
You can view current grades, class information, and contact school staff.
All you need is an email address and your student's ID number
(this can be found on their school ID card, printed class schedule, or call campus to ask for it):