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Credit Recovery

Credit Recovery Options

When students are deficient in credits, they need to meet with their counselor to create a plan for credit recovery. Westmont offers the following options to recover credits: 
  • 7th Period Credit Recovery: English 1, 2, 3 and 4; History/Social Science, Laboratory Sciences including Biology, Chemistry and Physics as well as Physical Education and IM1. 
  • Odysseyware Academy: Free self-paced online class during the academic school year. 
  • CACE-Night School: Meets two days a week and the courses are not A-G eligible (English and Social Science).
  • Community College: These classes must be pre-approved by the Principal and School Counselor. Visit the Concurrent Enrollment page for more information. 

Important Reminders

  • To graduate from Westmont and obtain a diploma, students must earn a minimum of 220 credits and pass required courses with a grade of D- or better. 
  • F grades must be repeated for CUHSD and/or for A-G college requirements
  • Students who are applying to UC or CSU and received below a C- (e.g., D and/or F), must repeat the course to be A-G eligible.