Club Overview

There are almost 90 clubs on campus! Clubs are a great way to be connected during distance learning.


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Don't see a club you like?  Start a New Club!
1)  Find at least four people that would like to start the club with you and an on-campus advisor.
2) Complete the Club Application
          New Club Applications are only processed in March for the upcoming year, August for the current year, and November for second semester.
3) You will receive confirmation via email of your approval or denial. You cannot hold meetings, plan activities, do advertising, nor do fundraisers until approval has occurred.  Once that email is received, you have two weeks to complete Part 2 of the paperwork. Directions to complete this paperwork will be included in your approval email.
Please note that all clubs listed on the side tab of this web page have separate websites. If your club creates a website and you would like a tab created for your club, please email Mrs. Bradley at [email protected]