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Concurrent Enrollment

What is Concurrent Enrollment? 

The Concurrent Enrollment (CE) program is an opportunity for current high school students to take courses at a community college. All current high school students who wish to be concurrently enrolled at a community college need to get the high school permission form signed by their counselor before they are allowed to register for any course. The program is available to current 10th, 11th and 12th-grade students.  
  • Students earn college credit. 
  • Courses and units may earn transfer to the other community colleges as well as universities. 
  • Get a head start on college. 
  • With approval, students can enroll in classes as long as it doesn't conflict with their Westmont bell schedule
  • Classes at the community college will not appear on the high school transcript, unless for remediation. 

How do I become a Concurrent Enrollment student?

  1. Research which community college you'd like to attend and what class you wish to register for. 
  2. See your counselor to pick up the Request for Credit Through Concurrent Enrollment Form. Please complete it and submit it to your counselor for approval. 
  3. After the counselor has approved your request, begin the application process and register for the class. 
Important: Community colleges require anyone under 18 years of age to get a Concurrent Enrollment form signed in order to take a college course. The form is obtained directly from the community college and must be signed by your school counselor. 

Find a Community College

Search for a community college or view an alphabetic listing of Community Colleges. You can also look at the table below which includes the surrounding community colleges and their enrollment steps. Please note that each community college has its own form and process for registering for classes so please make sure to read all instructions. 
Community College Steps to Apply Classes 
West Valley College CE Program Class Schedule
Mission College DE Program Class Schedule
De Anza College CE Program Class Schedule
Foothill College DE Program Class Schedule
San Jose City College High School Students Class Schedule
Evergreen College High School Students Class Schedule
Cabrillo College DE Program Class Schedule