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Students of the Month October 2018

Students of the Month October 2018: Congratulations to the following students of the month for November. Christopher Carter, Reiko Scilingo, Alan Villanueva, Sebastian Gomez Valdez, Olivia Merrick, Alma Hernandez, Kendyl Brower, Laura Lipponen, Ron Belman, Kristie Herrera Garrido, Enya Walker, Jakob Silva, Ilda Livia Huoponen, Lindsay Harris, Lilou Gervais, Irvin Alvarado Martinez (not pictured), Peter Sanfilippo, Francisco Guardarrama. Great job everyone! (Miller)

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Counseling Department » Counselor Bios

Counselor Bios

Counselor Diane Lindsay, A-G
Diane Lindsay



Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Your Alma Mater: Bachelors of Arts, Washington State University, Pullman, WA;  Master of Education, City University, Seattle, WA

What is the best part of your job: The best part about my job is having the opportunity to be a part of my students future planning. I love it most when I get to sit down and really get to know my students, learning about their interests and supporting each one in their individual goals.

Tips for success at Westmont: Ask for help when you need it! Teachers want to support you! When we can learn to ask for help, we become better people and students. Join a club or sport! Invest in your high school experience, make the most of your time here on campus.

Tell us something about you: I have two crazy kiddos. I can never turn down French fries. Coffee is my best friend.

Counselor Erika Flores, H-O
Erika Flores



Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Your Alma Mater: California State University, Long Beach. M.S. Counseling, P.P.S.

What is the best part of your job: The best part about my job is when I am able to meet my students, get to know them and learn about their interests. I enjoy supporting them throughout their High School journey on multiple pathways to their post-secondary goals.

Tips for success at Westmont: Self-care is key! Breathe, take care of yourself and maintain a healthy balance. Get involved! Join a club, sport, or pursue a volunteer/work opportunity in something you enjoy. Communicate! Reach out to your teachers and ask for help when you need it. Take advantage of Study Hall and tutoring in HW Center. Don’t procrastinate!

Tell us something about you: Gryffindor, with Hufflepuff tendencies. Love to travel. Tambien hablo Español.

Miriam Wesson, Counselor P-Z
Miriam Wesson



Hometown: Downey, CA

Your Alma Mater: San Jose State, M.Ed, PPS

 What is the best part of your job: I love helping the students prepare for their post- secondary life. The best part of my job is guiding them through their four years in choosing classes and pathways for success at graduation. I enjoy meeting with the students and having them share with me their interests and good news. This is the best age group because they are planning their future and I get to be a part of that!

Tips for success at Westmont:  Become a part of the school community. Play a sport, join a club, become a volunteer in the community. Get to know your teachers, communicate with them and keep yourself updated by always checking SchoolLoop for homework, grades or important announcements. Take advantage of Study Hall and tutoring in HW Center. Be proactive!

Tell us something about you: I taught Spanish for 21 years before making the move to guidance advisor. My two hobbies are hiking and reading.