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Health Clerk

The health services at Westmont, located in the Student Services Center, includes a health clerk and part-time district nurse. The health clerk, Ms. Coroña del Conde (Se habla Español), and Nurse, Ms. O'Neal, are available for assistance with the maintenance of immunization records, minor medical emergencies, students who have become ill and need to go home, and issuing PE medical excuses. 
Dear Parent(s) and Guardian(s)
At the beginning of the school year, parents/guardians should inform us of any medical issues affecting the student and any medication that is given during the school day. Medications require that a form be completed by the parent/guardian AND the doctor. 
Students who become too ill to continue classroom activities should report to the health clerk with a pass from the teacher. The student's parent or guardian will be notified and will be expected to make arrangements for the student to leave campus. Students must never leave campus without first notifying the office. PLEASE DO NOT CALL OR TEXT YOUR STUDENT DURING CLASS. All communication between students and parents/guardians regarding health services should occur in the health office. 
Emergency Contact Information
Every attempt is made to contact parents/guardians or the Emergency Contact person listed on the Emergency Card and Registration form. Our ability to contact a responsible adult directly depends on the accuracy of the provided contact information. If you need to update the emergency contact information, please visit the Aeries Parental Portal
Important: The health clerk is not a nurse and is, therefore, prohibited by law from giving out any type of medication to students without written approval from the student's doctor
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