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24 Hour Attendance Line: (408) 558-3066
Student Services Office Hours: 7:30am-3:30pm
Attendance Clerk: Maria Parrish

Clearing an Absence: (Directions in Spanish below)

Reporting an absence:


To report an absence for a student, the parent or legal guardian must call the attendance line, (408)626-3406 or the 24 hr. line, (408) 558-3066. WE DO NOT ACCEPT WRITTEN NOTES TO CLEAR AN ABSENCE.  Absences need to be cleared within 3 days of the date if the absence.

A doctors note must be provided when a student is out 5 days or more.


Off grounds pass:


If your student has an appointment during the school day you can call early in the day and have them released in time to go to their appointment by calling the attendance office either the night before on the 24 hr. line or early in the morning on the direct line listed above.  STUDENTS WHO LEAVE WITHOUT AN OFF GROUNDS PASS WILL BE MARKED TRUANT, NO EXCEPTIONS.


Frequently asked attendance questions:


If my car breaks down is my student’s absence excused? Answer – NO.


Are personal/family issues (i.e. babysitting a sibling, ill family member, emotional family problems, finishing up homework, overslept, alarm didn’t go off etc.)  Answer – NO.

If there are family issues, please call us and tell us to let us know that your student will be out so that this unexcused absence will not become a truant.


All vacations are unexcused absences and making up missed work needs to be arranged with the teacher prior to the vacation.  Independent study contracts no longer exist.


What absences are excused:





G-Funeral non-family



W- Religious Retreat

X- School activity

Y- College visit


Frequently Asked Attendance Questions:

If my car breaks down is my student's absence excused? Answer: NO

There used to be Independent Study Contracts for short vacation or trips; do these still exist and is my student excused? Answer: NO
All vacations are now unexcused absences and making up work acceptance need to be arranged through the teacher.

Are personal/family issues (i.e. babysitting a sibling, ill family member, emotional family problems) excused? Answer: NO
If there is a family issue that is going to cause your student to miss school please feel free to call us.

If you have a question about whether or not an absences is going to be cleared, please call the Student Service Center at:
408-626-3406 x6110

Absence Codes:
Below are the codes that will show on Canvas and on Aeries attendance records and what they stand for:

Types of excused absences

C- Court

D- Medical/ Dental appointments

F- Funeral

G- Funeral for non family member

I- Illness

P- Employee Conference

Q- Quarantine

R- Religious Holiday

X- School Activity

Y- College Visit

Unexcused Absences

S- Suspension

T- Truant


V- Vacation

If a student is late by 30 minutes or more they are considered to be LATE TRUANT (L) for that class period. If they are late by fewer than 30 minutes, they will be listed as TARDY(T). Clearing a student for being late follows the same guidelines as stated above for absences.