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Overview of Dreamers' Resources

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At Westmont High School, our mission is to support all students in achieving academic excellence and ensure students are college and career ready. We believe that everyone has the right to get an education, pursue careers, and build a bright future for themselves and their community. 
This page is designed to provide support and resources for undocumented students in California and help them pursue a higher education. If you have questions or need additional support, please see your counselor or a staff member in the Student Services Center for more information. 


Common Terms

California state legislature that exempts an eligible student from paying non-resident enrollment fees. Review the requirements to see if you are eligible for in-state tuition rates. 
SB 68
SB 68 expands AB 540 to enable student to count years spend at a California Community College and Adult School towards AB 540 eligibility. 
A California financial aid application that is identical to the FAFSA for AB 540 eligible students. It must be filed from October 1 to March 2 for the upcoming academic year. 
A federal executive action order that allow eligible applicants to receive a 2-year renewable work permit and protection from deportation through USCIS (Homeland Security). California dream aid is NOT tied to DACA. 

Online Resources 

Legal, education, and Bay Area resources for students and families. 
University of California Resources
UC campuses offer a range of support services from academic and personal counseling, to financial aid and legal advising. 
California State University Resources
CSU campuses also offer many resources from grants, loans and scholarships to legal and campus support services. 
Scholarship Opportunities
List of scholarships that don't require proof of U.S. citizenship through Immigrants Rising!
Health Coverage Support
Check out Healthier Kids Foundation for guidance on young adult health care options. 
Educational Resource Binder for Staff 
The Educational Resource Binder is filled with crucial, up-to-date information educators, students and allies can use to increase college access and success for undocumented students in California.