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Westmont High School Hall of Fame

Westmont High School was founded in 1964 and is rich in history and tradition. In 2019, a Westmont High School Hall of Fame was created. The Hall of Fame was founded to recognize individuals and teams who, by their actions or achievements, made outstanding contributions to WHS Athletics, with hopes of also promoting pride and honor within Westmont High School and helping bring meaning to “The Warrior Way”. 

There are three categories by which an individual can be recognized and inducted into the Hall of Fame: 


HOF Categories



*Westmont High School reserves the right to remove any individual from the Hall of Fame for personal conduct, which reflects discredit upon the school.







Purpose:       To recognize those who went on to significant accomplishments in the sports world and exemplified “The Warrior Way”.


Purpose:       To recognize a student athletes, coaches, or teams that excelled at an exceptionally high level during their time at Westmont.


Purpose:       To recognize Staff, Faculty, or Volunteers who, by their actions, made an indelible impact within the athletic department.


Committee members will be appointed by the active Athletic Director and will serve until voluntarily withdrawing or not being able to fulfill their commitment as found by the Athletic Director (missing meetings, deadlines, etc.). The committee will have 5-8 voting members. This committee will serve for selecting inductees into the Hall of Fame for the categories of Accomplishment, Achievement, and Contribution. 

All applications should be turned in to the Athletic Director. All applications will be reviewed and voted on at the beginning of April each year. Those not selected will be placed on file and will be considered over the next four years. If an application is not selected after being voted on a fifth time, the application will be pulled out of the file. Applications can be updated and resubmitted at any time. 

Nominees must receive a simple majority vote from the committee members and there must be a minimum of 5 committee members to call for a vote. 

These bylaws may be amended by a simple majority vote by the committee.


To be eligible as a Student-Athlete, individuals must be 10 years removed from graduation, a graduate of Westmont High School, and must have lettered in one or more varsity sports.  

To be eligible as a Coach, Staff, Faculty, or Volunteer, individuals must have at least 5 years of service.

To be eligible as a Team, 10 years must have lapsed since the significant season. 

The selection committee will have discretion in unique, special circumstances.


Individual who went on to significant accomplishments  in the world of sports and exemplified “The Warrior Way”. Examples would be a high achieving collegiate athlete, a professional athlete, a renown coach, etc. 


Student Athlete, Coach, or team that excelled at an exceptionally high level during their time at Westmont. Examples would be an athlete or coach with multiple high ranking awards or statistics within a sport, a team with a substantial record and/or high ranking awards, etc. 


Staff, Faculty, or Volunteer  who, by their actions, had an indelible impact within the Athletic Department. Examples would be a 20 year veteran teacher who went beyond the classroom in their contribution to the Westmont Athletic Department, a 10 year volunteer who served a notable role helping an athletic program.  



Completed nomination forms must be received on or before May 5th to be considered for the induction year. To submit a nomination, please use the buttons below to submit a nomination form for Warrior you think should be considered for the Class of 2023!
*Nominees not selected for induction into the current year’s Hall of Fame induction  class will stay eligible for consideration the following 5 years. After the consideration period, Westmont Athletes may be re-nominated at any time.
If you prefer to submit non-electronically, please print out and mail/drop it off to:
Westmont High School
ATTN: Adam Perez, Athletic Director
4805 Westmont Avenue
Campbell, CA 95008