Advanced Placement (AP)

What are Advanced Placement Courses? 

  • AP courses are college-level courses offered in high school.
  • Students take AP Exams at the end of the course, measuring their mastery of college-level work.
  • A score of 3 or higher on an AP exam can typically earn students college credit and/or placement into advanced courses in college.

Our AP Courses 

  • English: Language & Composition (11th grade), Literature & Composition (12th grade)
  • Mathematics and Computer Sciences: Calculus AB, Calculus BS, Statistics, Computer Science A
  • Sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Physics 1, Physics 2, Environmental Science 
  • History and Social Sciences: Psychology, United States Government and Politics (12th grade), United States History (11th grade), World History (10th grade)
  • World Languages: French Language, Spanish Language,  Spanish Literature
  • Arts: Music Theory, Studio Art 

More Information

  • For information about AP courses and exams, please contact Jennifer Halas, Assistant Principal at [email protected] or Rene Klaus, College & Career Specialist at [email protected].