Santa Clara County Fair

Where: Santa Clara County Fairgrounds on 344 Tully Rd. in San Jose.  Entrance and parking is free.
The downside is, no rides, or even the traditional fair foods.  However, the animals and all of the still exhibits (art, horticulture, sewing, knitting) will be on open.  Most importantly, the students will be able to exhibit their hard work by showing their animals and the skills and knowledge that they have learned. 
Tuesday, August 3rd 12:00PM Poultry Show
  2:00PM Small Animal Round Robin
Thursday, August 5 10:00AM Sheep Show
  1:00PM Market Goat Show
  Immediately after Goat Show Goat Pee Wee Showmanship & Over the Hill Showmanship
Friday, August 6 10:00AM Beef Cattle Show
  12:00PM Hog Show
  5:00PM Bred and Fed, Bred and Owned, and Carcass Beef Cattle Show
Saturday, August 7 10:00AM Junior Livestock Auction
Sunday, August 8   Master Showmanship