Principal's Message on Friday, February 5

Hello Westmont Community,

It's hard to believe that we are already into the month of February. With the pleasant weather we experienced this past week we were able to offer opportunities for students to come on campus through athletics and activities. It was great to see students on campus.  


We are deep in the midst of scheduling courses for all of our students for next year.  We hope to have that completed by mid-March and we will be sending out a course selection confirmation mailing.  It will show what classes your student has requested and will give you and your student to request any changes.  The deadline will be in April (date to be specified in the letter).  You can submit any changes via email, US mail, or drop the form off in the main office during normal school hours.  The courses selected will not indicate teachers or periods.   If you are fine with the courses your student has selected, no further action is necessary on your part. 

We will do our best to accommodate as many requests to change schedules but cannot make any guarantees.  We are unable confirm any changes until you receive your schedule in the fall.  Please note that changes to schedules (switching classes or periods) cannot be done after the April 2021 deadline.  The deadline for requesting changes will be indicated on the course selection form.


The counseling department has done a superb job of providing an informative counseling information page.  We encourage parents and students alike to check it out.  Go to the Westmont website, select the "Students" tab and then the "Counseling Center" tab. I've also included the link here for your convenience.  


We are having a virtual Art Club art show this year and would encourage all Westmont student artists to submit their art by the March 17th deadline. ANY student can participate! This artwork will be displayed on an upcoming website from March 24-31.  Please see the weekly bulletin for the links and more information about the art club.  


Our teachers and staff have made it possible for you or your student to pick up classroom supplies, textbooks and chromebook replacements as needed.  At times, teachers set up drive-up opportunities to do this.  For those who are unable to pick their items up at the assigned times, you can still retrieve them in the main office lobby during school hours of 7:30 to 4:00.  

If you have a problem with your chromebook and need a replacement, please go to the main office with your existing chromebook and charger and we can provide you with a replacement


If your student needs a work permit, please access the work permit application at the California Department of Education website at  It needs to be completed by the student with the necessary signatures or the parent/guardian and employer.  You can then take a picture of the completed work permit application and email to [email protected] for processing.  We will then contact the student via email when they can pick it up from the main office.  The permit requires the student's original signature.  Or, you can bring the completed application to the main office during normal business hours and we can complete it while you wait.


In closing, President's week break is almost upon us.  There is no school beginning February 15th and we return on February 22nd. The campus will be closed to the public during the break. Take that time to recharge and refresh.  


Have a great week and Go Warriors!

Jason Miller