Student Photos & ID Cards


We have received county and district approval to do school photos / ID cards for students that don't have photos in Aeries. This includes freshmen and transfer students. Photos will take place on Wednesday, September 23 from 12:00 - 4:00pm. Please check out the student photo appointment times to see if your student needs a photo taken and what time they are scheduled to come. (Freshmen are asked not to come until after the LIFE Crew Zoom meeting is over so the appointment times reflect starting at 12:20pm. If the Zoom ends earlier, you are welcome to come starting at 12. Transfer students with 12pm start appointment times do not need to wait until 12:20)


Photos will take place outdoors in the student parking lot in front of the tennis courts (where we did Chromebook and textbook distribution). Please adhere to the following:

- Students will only exit their car when directed to do so. We are trying to decrease the amount of time any student is out of their car.

- Students MUST have masks on until they are in place for their photo. Students will only be directed to remove their mask at the last moment before the photo is taken and immediately put on again after the photo.

- Students will be directed to socially distance until their ID is printed.

- Once the ID is printed, students must exit campus immediately.



- Freshmen that purchased merchandise will be able to pick the items up when they are here for their ID photo. We are crossing our fingers that the Pink Week shirt is ready by then, but all other items are sorted and ready to go. Transfer students, if you purchased items, please email me so that I can sort and bring down your bags as well. Sophomores - Seniors that are purchased items will be able to pick them up at the beginning of October. We will schedule the pick up for either October 1 or 2. We are waiting for word from the district about the schedule for those two days and will then schedule the time.

- Sophomores - Seniors will take photos in January. Dates and details will be shared once we know whether we will be back on campus as that will impact the schedule.

- If a student doesn't have access to arrive in a car that day, we will be able to accommodate them. Students must arrive in a mask and socially distance per the directions given by school staff.

- If a student on the photo list does not feel comfortable taking their photo without a mask right now, we will take their photo in the future once restrictions are lifted. You are absolutely welcome to make this decision. 

- If you would like to order school photos, please go to Photos will be shipped directly to your home for your convenience and safety.

- If you ordered ASB this fall (black package, red package, or ASB/yearbook only), please bring a copy of your receipt (screenshot on your phone is fine). Show it to your photographer when you check in for your picture so that it is printed on your ID card. Please ensure that it is actually printed on your ID card before you leave. 

- Although red and black package sales are over, you can still order ASB/yearbook only and the other items a la carte. You can order using Firefox or Microsoft Edge browsers at