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Students of the Month October 2018

 Congratulations to the following students of the month. Christopher Carter, Reiko Scilingo, Alan Villanueva, Sebastian Gomez Valdez, Olivia Merrick, Alma Hernandez, Kendyl Brower, Laura Lipponen, Ron Belman, Kristie Herrera Garrido, Enya Walker, Jakob Silva, Ilda Livia Huoponen, Lindsay Harris, Lilou Gervais, Irvin Alvarado Martinez (not pictured), Peter Sanfilippo, Francisco Guardarrama. Great job everyone! (Miller)

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Campbell Union High School District (CUHSD) Board of Trustees Votes to Place Parcel Tax Measure on March 2020 Ballot

During a Special Board Meeting on December 2, the Campbell Union High School District (CUHSD) Board of Trustees approved placing a Parcel Tax Measure of $298 for eight years on the March 3, 2020,  all-mail ballot. The funding measure is to attract and retain the best teachers and school staff, while providing the necessary academic and socio-emotional supports for students, at a time when state funding for schools remains inadequate despite the rising cost of living. 

“We are committed to increasing the quality of education of CUHSD,” said Board President Kalen Gallagher. “Increased local funding for our high schools will help retain our great teachers and staff who are feeling the impact of the Silicon Valley housing crisis.” 

The high cost of housing in California has pushed many teachers out of state in search of less-expensive housing, according to an EdSource analysis of Census Bureau data. 

“Effective teachers and school staff are pivotal in guiding our students toward success in their future college and career,”  said Superintendent Robert Bravo. “We need to do everything we can to attract top teaching talent to best serve our students in the classroom.”

If approved by voters, a local measure could:

  • Recruit and retain highly qualified teachers and school staff
  • Provide student mental health and suicide prevention services
  • Continue to provide career technical education, including computer and technology skills
  • Maintain or expand class offerings to train students for high demand jobs
  • Increase offerings of Advanced Placement classes, International Baccalaureate (IB), and dual enrollment to prepare students for college and career
  • Increase student access to counselors

Every penny of the revenue from this measure will go directly to CUHSD's educational programs.

  • None of the funds can be taken away by the State 
  • Senior citizens would be exempt from the measure
  • An independent citizens’ oversight committee will be established to oversee  funds
  • Annual audits are required and are accessible to the public
  • None of the funds can be used for administrators' salaries, benefits or pensions

This measure would need to be supported by at least 66.7% of those who vote on the measure in order for it to pass. All registered voters within the boundaries of CUHSD boundaries are eligible to vote on the potential measure.

To register to vote, visit www.registertovote.ca.gov.