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Students of the Month October 2018

 Congratulations to the following students of the month. Christopher Carter, Reiko Scilingo, Alan Villanueva, Sebastian Gomez Valdez, Olivia Merrick, Alma Hernandez, Kendyl Brower, Laura Lipponen, Ron Belman, Kristie Herrera Garrido, Enya Walker, Jakob Silva, Ilda Livia Huoponen, Lindsay Harris, Lilou Gervais, Irvin Alvarado Martinez (not pictured), Peter Sanfilippo, Francisco Guardarrama. Great job everyone! (Miller)

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The Shield Editors

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Students in the quad
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November Superintendent Message

Dear CUHSD Community,

I want to take this opportunity to give thanks to the CUHSD community for its continued support of our schools. With the efforts of our full community, we are making great progress toward achieving our mission of ensuring our students feel safe, supported and valued while developing knowledge, skills and confidence to construct their futures.

I know this is a busy time of year for parents and students -- finalizing college applications, preparing for final exams, sports, and holidays are just a few of the many priorities. Please take a moment to check in with your student and if necessary, share with them the available mental health resources available on the CUHSD website by clicking here.

Mental health and academic supports continue to be a priority for our students. As we round out the end of the Fall semester, I am inspired by the work of our staff who are striving to better support our students both academically and socio-emotionally through Mental Health First Aid training.

I am also encouraged by the collaborative efforts of our parents, students and staff to address the vaping epidemic through parent information nights and the CUHSD Board of Trustees’ recent passage of a resolution in support of tobacco-free and vaping-free schools and community

To better help students academically, we also launched a ThoughtExchange for students to share their input on what academic supports they find useful and what supports they still need. We are hopeful with student input we can continue to find ways to help students thrive in and beyond high school. 

Thank you for your endless support as we work together to enable our students to construct their futures. I hope you enjoy the Thanksgiving break with friends and family. 


Robert Bravo, Ed.D.

CUHSD Superintendent