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Each year, Westmont High celebrates the academic growth and achievement of its students through the Renaissance program.

Committed to Rewarding Excellence

The Renaissance program is a concept and attitude.  We are working to increase student achievement and celebrate success.  Ultimately, we hope to one day have 100% of the students on campus become part of Renaissance.

Westmont High School is proud to join many other schools throughout the nation in making a commitment to student academic excellence and self-improvement through Renaissance. WHS has been a part of the Renaissance program for one year and has already seen growth in academic achievement.

Students are rewarded for consistent achievement and turning around a negative academic record. Both are incredible accomplishments and allow the school to come together to celebrate doing well in school, no matter what their past situation was.

Three Major Goals. . .

1              To focus on and emphasize academic excellence


2              To recognize and reward student achievement


3              To recognize and reward staff achievement

Qualifying for Renaissance


Students are automatically enrolled in Renaissance each semester that they achieve one of the following:


  • 3.0 or higher semester GPA at Westmont
  • 0.5 or higher Westmont GPA growth over the semester before


Depending on their academic qualifications, our school recognizes students through incentives and rewards such as:

  • Renaissance Carni"fall" in October for achievement/growth the previous spring
  • Renaissance Field Day in May for achievement/growth the previous fall
  • Student/Staff Luncheon
  • Teacher’s Choice rewards  (Teachers choose prizes they are willing to offer.  Students get a sticker with three spots indicating three prizes they are choosing to receive each semester)
  • Food prizes for all members
  • Raffle prizes for local businesses
  • Largest growth reward of free dance tickets and Westmont prizes