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COVID Athletic Updates

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Below is a compiled list of important changes and reminders as we begin ramping up our sports. The italicized font is what we've been given from the county or BVAL and the red font is what our district has agreed upon.

Multiple Cohorts

By CA CDPH guidelines, it is not mandatory for student-athletes to remain with only one stable cohort. Again, under "Other General Guidance," it is strongly encouraged to "limit participation by athletes and coaches during practice and competition to one team, and to refrain from participating with more than one team over the same season." Dr. Sara Cody was directly asked if student-athletes can participate on more than one team simultaneously.  She responded that it is allowed.  

  • CUHSD athletes and coaches are strongly encouraged to keep to only one cohort, but may participate in multiple cohorts. Athletes who do plan on participating in multiple cohorts need to notify their coaches so they can plan accordingly. 


Face Coverings

Masks are no longer mandatory for student-athletes for any sport while actively participating in COMPETITION.  Student-athletes are REQUIRED to wear masks when on the sidelines, during breaks, to and from competition. ALL coaches, support staff and observers are still REQUIRED to wear masks at all times. Face coverings are still strongly encouraged to be worn to the greatest extent possible. Under "Other General Guidance," it is not mandatory but strongly encouraged that face covering be "worn by participants during practice, conditioning and during competition, even during heavy exertion as tolerated."

  • Coaches and other non-athletes wear masks at all times. Athletes are strongly encouraged to wear masks during practice, conditioning and during competition, even during heavy exertion as tolerated. Athletes always wear masks when they are not actively playing and to the maximum extent possible during play. 



At the 2/12/2021 meeting, the BVAL Executive Committee approved Commissioner Murray's recommendation to pass a temporary "no spectator policy" for all athletic events while the county is still in the purple and red tiers.

  • As of right now there will be no spectators at any BVAL competitions. 



All athletes are required to meet the eligibility requirements as set forth by the CIF.  As such, these rules include but are not limited to the following:

  • 2.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale in the previous grading period-AND-

  • Passed a minimum of 20 units in the previous grading period-AND-

  • Currently enrolled in at least 20 units



Bus/van travel for members of a team may pose a greater risk. If this type of travel is not required, utilize other methods. To mitigate COVID-19 transmission risk during bus/van travel, employ universal masking, physical distancing and windows to remain open the full duration of the trip unless not feasible. Travel by private car limited to only those within the immediate household. Plan for proper communication of all travel rules, protocols and expectations to everyone in the travel party.

  • For most sports we are really going to have to rely on parents to drive their own son/daughter to competitions.  


Informed Consent Forms

State required informed Consent Waiver (opt-in for guardians) that specifically lists “athletic contests” and not just conditioning/practice received prior to participation.


Daily Health Check Forms

Daily health and symptom checks must be completed. No one with symptoms of COVID-19 or who is in isolation or quarantine for COVID-19 is permitted to attend practices or competitions

  • We will continue to have the same protocol for student-athletes: filling out the daily health check, getting their temperature taken by a coach, and then submitting the form before being allowed to participate in workouts, tryouts, or competitions. QR codes have been placed around the campus for athletes to scan.

Water Polo
Unfortunately, we were unable to field a boys or girls water polo team for the 2020-2021 school year. We will look to start water polo in the 2021-2022 school year. 

As always thank you for being patient while we sort through all of the changes. All we can ask is that we all try to do our very best at following all guidelines and safety measures to mitigate risk as much as possible and keep our athletes and families safe. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, concerns or need help with anything. 



Click Here to View the Athletic Info Night Slide Presentation On February 9




California Interscholastic Federation (CIF)

  • Return of Educational-Based Athletics Plan (LINK)
  • Covid-19 Modifications for each Individual Sport (LINK)
  • Reinstatement of Bylaw 600
    • States that student-athletes are unable to participate on two teams at the same time. Therefore athletes will only be able to play one sport per season and may not participate on any outside (travel or club) teams while competing on a WHS team. Bylaw was reinstated to be in alignment with State and County guidelines. 

Central Coast Section (CCS)

  • If Santa Clara County and a particular sport are in tier alignment, we may begin practicing without any further restrictions. 
    • See the above Return of Educational-Based Athletics Plan LINK for a list of which sports fall under which tier.
  • If a sport is in a less restrictive tier than Santa Clara County would allow (Example: Field Hockey is a Red tiered sport but the county is currently in purple), then that sport may practice as long as the athletes maintain six feet of social distancing, wear masks, and hold practices outside. 

Blossom Valley Athletic League (BVAL)

  • Season 1 Practice Start Date: February 22nd
    • Season 1 Sports: Cross Country, Field Hockey, Football, B/G Water Polo, Girls' Volleyball
  • Season 2 Practice Start Date: March 22nd
    • Badminton, Golf, B/G Soccer, B/G Tennis, Swimming & Dive, Wrestling, B/G Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Cheer, Boys' Volleyball, Track & Field

Santa Clara County Office of Education (SCCOE)

  • Expansion of cohorts to full teams. 
  • Has extended mask mandates to during activities/competition as well. Stating "face coverings should also be worn during activities with heavy exertion as tolerated (unless the face covering could become a hazard).
  • SCCOE COVID-19 Response for Athletic Programs (LINK)

Westmont Athletics

  • Following CIF, CCS, BVAL, and County guidelines WHS programs are allowed to hold workouts prior to the start of practice for each season as long as we maintain all safety protocols. Pre-season workouts include physical conditioning, skill-building, and training. The workouts must be conducted outdoors with 6-feet of physical distancing, and within stable team cohorts. To ensure that you stay up to date with information regarding specific sports, make sure that you fill out the Athletics Survey if you have not done so already as well as follow our new athletics instagram account (@westmonthsathletics) with the latest updates. 
  • What workouts will look like: 
    • Athletes arrive on campus wearing masks. 
    • On their way to the designated facility for workouts, athletes will begin filling out the Daily Health Check Form
    • The Coach will take athletes temperature using contactless thermometers and then athletes will submit the Daily Health Check Form. 
    • Athletes are then able to participate in the physically distant workouts. 
    • *Reminder athletes cannot participate in pre-season workouts if they are on an outside team (i.e. club or travel team).
  • In order for athletes to participate in practices once they start, athletes must be fully cleared. 
    • Please visit our athletics page on the school website or click the LINK for all items needed to be cleared for practices/competition. 
    • Athletes will receive confirmation once they have actually been cleared.