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Mandarin/Chinese II

Mandarin Chinese 2 is a second year course for students who have finished Mandarin 1 or have prior equivalent Mandarin Chinese experience. In this course, students will continue to develop a mastery of the four language skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. They will further develop their basic oral skills, their knowledge of Chinese culture/history, and the skills needed to communicate effectively. They will become more confident using target language vocabulary and practice conversational use of sentence patterns. Students will develop skills needed to read for content and begin to acquire basic writing skills in composition. They will demonstrate understanding of the general meaning, key ideas, and some details in authentic texts. Students will learn both simplified and traditional Chinese characters. 
Course # 14960 
Course Term: Yearlong 
Grade Levels: 9-12 
Graduation Credit: World Language 
CSU/UC: Language other than English (LOTE)(e) Electives (g)