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Jazz Ensemble

This course* extends the skills developed in Symphonic Band and adds jazz technique to the classically trained musician. Emphasis is placed in the areas of jazz history, theory, and performance. Students enrolled in Jazz Ensemble learn the fundamental aspects of jazz through the performance of standard literature from the 1920’s to the present. Students perform at two or more concerts and festivals per year. All performances are required. Prerequisite: Concurrent enrollment in a school music ensemble or audition 
Course # 17580 Semester 
Course Term: See Below* 
Grade Levels: 9-12 
Graduation Credit: Visual & Performing Arts 
CSU/UC: Visual & Performing Arts(f) Elective(g) 
School: Visual & Performing Arts(f) Westmont (Year) Branham (Year) Prospect (Year) Elective(g) Leigh (Year)