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Physical Education » Marching Band P.E.

Marching Band P.E.

Marching Band PE is a course designed for sophomores that satisfies the physical education requirement for one of four semesters required for graduation. In order for a student to receive credit for a full year of PE, they must first satisfy the prerequisites listed below. The a student must successfully complete two marching band seasons (fall semesters) during the sophomore and junior years. The Marching Band is a competitive field show group consisting of musicians (wind and percussion instruments) along with a group of students that make up the color guard. They rehearse 7-12 hours a week after school and on Saturdays. They also compete in at least four major competitions during the fall semester. 
• Participation and satisfactory completion of Marching Band in 9th grade. 
• Students must take and successfully pass a freshmen PE class earning a 2.0 GPA or higher and pass 5 out of 6 standards of the Physical Fitness Test (PFT).
Course # 13057 
Course Term: Semester Long 
Grade Levels: 10 & 11 
Graduation Credit: Physical Education