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English II Honors

Expanding on the skills developed in English 1/1H, this rigorous course will provide a study of multiple genres of challenging literature from diverse cultures around the world. Additionally, continued development of writing skills will focus primarily on composition, analysis, and evidence. Students will spend considerable time developing skills in the following areas: response to and analysis of literature; persuasion and argumentation; and evidence gathering and evaluation. Through various activities including group work, research, and in-depth discussion, students will further develop the reading, writing, speaking, listening, and critical thinking skills essential to success in their endeavors. Substantial reading and writing will be completed independently outside of class. Summer work may be required. Del Mar equivalent is English 2 ICAP, seen below.
Course # 11410
Course Term: Yearlong
Grade Levels: 10
Graduation Credit: English
CSU/UC: English (b)
School: Branham, Leigh, Prospect, Westmont (No UC weighted credit for Honors. CUHSD designated only)