English I Honors

English I Honors is an accelerated course designed for freshmen who are seeking a deeper understanding of fundamentals in English Language-Arts. This course teaches students to read closely, delve deeply, and analyze thoroughly both fiction and non-fiction works, and use strong rhetorical and composition skills. Students will read novels, epic poetry, assorted poems, and a Shakespearean drama. Students are expected to write five-paragraph informative/explanatory, narrative, and argumentative essays throughout the year. Oral communication will be emphasized through whole class, small group, and formal presentations. Creative projects will also be offered throughout the year. All essays, discussions and projects will emphasize critical thinking skills and literary analysis. Summer work may be required. Del Mar equivalent is English 1 ICAP, seen below.
Course # 11120

Course Term: Yearlong
Grade Levels: 9
Graduation Credit: English
CSU/UC: English (b)
School: Branham, Prospect, Westmont (No UC weighted credit for Honors. CUHSD designated only)