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Order Transcript


A transcript is a documented record of a student's semester grades and courses during their high school years. Many colleges, scholarships, community colleges, and employment will require students to submit a transcript as proof of graduation and/or Grade Point Average (GPA). 
Westmont High School offers both official and unofficial transcripts:
  • An official transcript is a hard-copy transcript that includes the school's stamp and is sealed. The transcript can also be sent via an official platform such as Naviance or Parchment. Official transcripts are usually needed for any formal request from colleges and employment. 
  • An unofficial transcript are unsealed and can be sent electronically via PDF. You can emailed your school counselor to request an unofficial transcript. 

How to Request your Transcript

Seniors for College Applications
Requests for sending an official transcript to colleges/universities need to be placed via Naviance. No email request for sending an official transcript to a college/university will be honored. Log into Naviance and add the college to your "Colleges I'm Applying To." For directions on how to do this watch the Colleges I'm Applying To video (3 min 39 sec). 
Current Students
Complete the WHS Transcript Request Form to have your transcript sent. 
Summer Requests for Current Students
Request a transcript via the Campbell Union High School District (CUHSD) website.
Westmont Alumni 
For an official transcript, please your request via the Campbell Union High School District (CUHSD) website.