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Students of the Month October 2018

 Congratulations to the following students of the month. Christopher Carter, Reiko Scilingo, Alan Villanueva, Sebastian Gomez Valdez, Olivia Merrick, Alma Hernandez, Kendyl Brower, Laura Lipponen, Ron Belman, Kristie Herrera Garrido, Enya Walker, Jakob Silva, Ilda Livia Huoponen, Lindsay Harris, Lilou Gervais, Irvin Alvarado Martinez (not pictured), Peter Sanfilippo, Francisco Guardarrama. Great job everyone! (Miller)

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The Shield Editors

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Students in the quad
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SAT, PSAT, ACT, and AP Exams

For more information about these exams, test dates, and how to register please visit the following links:
See  documents for information about SAT vs ACT to decide which test is best for you
We highly recommend that students take the writing portion of these exams. The writing portion is required by all UC's and many private colleges
All 10th & 11th grade Westmont students are automatically signed up to take the PSAT at no charge this year!
The exam will take place at Westmont on October 16th, 2019.
  • Who: 11th and 10th graders (FREE)
  • Where: At school
  • When: Wednesday, October 16, 2019. 
  • Scholarships: Used by scholarship programs, including the National Merit® Scholarship Program, to look for eligible students(Juniors only)
(Note, Pg 29 has list of acceptable calculators for Calculator portion of Math test)
Also, please review the below presentation that will walk you through the PSAT online score reporting system.
Each slide has notes for a more detailed description:
** If you need a fee waiver for the SAT/ACT please contact the community liaison, Mrs. Sanchez in SSC **

ACT (For more information about the ACT and to register for the test and send scores, go to ACT.org.)

If you list a CSU/UC campus as an ACT score report recipient, your scores will automatically be sent to all campuses to which you submit an application.
If you haven’t yet arranged for your ACT scores to be sent to a CSU/UC/private campus, you can learn how to request this at ACT.org.


CSU campuses will accept old and current SAT scores for admission through 2020. Applicants may submit scores from either test.

If you list a CSU campus(es) as an SAT score report recipient, your scores will automatically be sent to all campuses to which you've applied. You can also use the CSU systemwide institution code (3594) on Collegboard.com to ensure that all CSU campuses to which you apply receive your scores. This is also the same for the UC system, you only need to submit your score to one UC Campus.

To check where your scores were sent, or for more information on locating your College Board ID, visit this page.

*We do not recommend using College Board's Score Choice module as it delays processing of your request.