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Students of the Month October 2018

 Congratulations to the following students of the month. Christopher Carter, Reiko Scilingo, Alan Villanueva, Sebastian Gomez Valdez, Olivia Merrick, Alma Hernandez, Kendyl Brower, Laura Lipponen, Ron Belman, Kristie Herrera Garrido, Enya Walker, Jakob Silva, Ilda Livia Huoponen, Lindsay Harris, Lilou Gervais, Irvin Alvarado Martinez (not pictured), Peter Sanfilippo, Francisco Guardarrama. Great job everyone! (Miller)

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The Shield Editors

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School Closure Updates

Sent: 3/26/20

CUHSD has extended school closures to 1 May. We will provide you with more information as it becomes available



Good afternoon, (Sent 3/20/20)

I know you have been bombarded by emails, updates and information so I am hoping I can provide important information in one email. This was sent to students and parents through School Loop Schoolloop and will also be posted on the School Closure Updates page we created for our website. There Is a pop up on the main page and it can be found under “About Us". We will continue to add to it as we gather more information and resources. And thank you all for being such an amazing community. 

What we don’t have answers for:

  • How long we will be closed: This will be something fluid until it’s not. There is much conjecture about how long schools will be closed. If we get word that it will be longer than the current time, there will be adjustments made to how we approach instruction. Our district cannot make this decision; it will be made by the state.

  • Sports, Art shows, and Performing Arts: When we have a return date, these items will be discussed and hopefully calendared.

  • ELPAC:The State Superintendent held a press conference regarding the cancellation of the standardized testing for this year. We will let you know if things change but at this time the testing is canceled.

At this time, we regret that we must cancel the following events:

  • District Mixer dance on Friday, May 15

Event postponement/Impact:

  • Prom: Unfortunately, we must cancel our prom on Saturday, April 25. We will be using this year’s venue for prom on April 17, 2021. At this time, we have piggybacked on Branham’s prom currently scheduled for May 23, 2020 at the Tech Museum. We are hopeful that we will be allowed to have large group gatherings at that time and will be able to have a joint prom. More information will follow when we return to school.

  • SAT/ACT: Tests for this spring have either been cancelled or rescheduled to the summer. 

  • AP Testing/AP Info Students will be taking a 45 minute test from home to receive AP credit this year. More information will be shared in early April once we get more direction from College Board. 

  • Auditions/tryouts/applications for next year’s programs: cheer, dance team, etc. will be rescheduled upon return.



Until we receive further information, we are proceeding as planned with the following events. If things change, we will update as needed:

  • Senior week, including blackout rally

  • End of Year banquets

  • Senior Awards

  • Senior Beach Day

  • Graduation 

  • Grad Night

Things not to worry about:

  • Getting a diploma: If you are a senior passing your classes and are on track with your credits, you will get a diploma. We will not have a class of seniors who leave high school without a diploma. 

  • Colleges rescinding acceptances: Colleges are very aware of what is happening around the world and as long as you work to maintain your academic standing, your college acceptance will be fine.

Things to focus on:

  • Doing the assignments provided by teachers diligently: Stay connected, even though assignments will not be graded. Learning is a muscle and habit that you have to maintain during this time. Participate in Google Hangout Office Hours. Students who were absent or have a D or F can work with their teacher(s) on turning in missing assignments, taking assessments or other things that can improve your grade. We will determine how the twelve week grades will be addressed during discussions next week.

  • Staying Connected: Check your school gmail, Loop mail, and Google Classrooms diligently. Contact teachers via email if you need assistance outside of office hours. If you have not registered with SchoolLoop and/or Aeries, be sure to do so as soon as possible.

  • Maintaining a schedule: Follow the schedule Weekly Schedule to maintain habits and routines in your day.

  • Maintaining social distancing: While doing all of these activities, be sure to practice social distancing. We all have to work together and do our part in slowing the spread of COVID-19

Google Hangout Notes:

  • How to use a Google Hangout: You can use Google Hangout on your laptop or through the app on your phone. It is better on a computer. Your teachers will send you a link in email or post it in School Loop, Google Classroom or Canvas depending on what they use. This will be used for the “Office Hours (Study Hall)” times in the schedule to get help or ask questions.

  • How to behave on a Google Hangout: Google Hangout is a forum where multiple people will be communicating. There are expected behaviors and rules to make the time safe and productive.

    • Keep your microphone on mute unless you are speaking

    • Use the Chat to the side for attendance and to ask questions of the teacher

      • Chat is not used for student conversations and any inappropriate language or comments which will be followed with removal from the Hangout and a referral sent to APs

    • Focus your questions on schoolwork 

    • Be respectful of airtime to give everyone an opportunity to speak and get help


Thank you for all you are doing to support your student(s). We will continue to provide information as we get it and resources as we identify them. Go Warriors!!!!


Jason Miller

Good afternoon Westmont Warriors, (Sent 3/17/20)

This email will provide the needed information, guidance and a schedule for the upcoming weeks. Please be sure to read through carefully so you do not miss any important information. This information is organized by topics.

Access to Campus: Campus is closed to all students during county mandated “Shelter in Place”. Students may, however, come to the school on Wednesday 3/18 and Thursday, 3/19  between the hours of 8:30 am and 11:00 am to access their lockers to retrieve items that are needed for their supplemental distance learning. This may include binders, materials specific to a class, and your personal technology. Access to classrooms will not be available.  

Food Distribution: We will be providing lunch to anyone 18 years old and under each week day from 11:30 am-1:00 pm. Distribution of food will be near the tennis courts that face the teacher parking lot. The food is for pick up and eating at home. No one will be allowed to eat on site or in the parking lot. Please remain in your car, and meals will be brought to you. If you are walking to campus, please line up and be sure to stand six feet apart while in line to maintain social distancing.

Technology Distribution: If you filled out the survey noting that you do NOT have access to technology at home, we will be distributing Chromebooks and hot spots at the front of the school by the flagpole  on Wednesday, 3/18, and Thursday, 3/19, from 8:30 am to 11:00 am. A parent or guardian must be present to receive a Chromebook or hot spot.  (If you did not take the survey, please do so immediately. We still have a few students who have not responded. Here is the Link.)

Schedule for Expected Learning: You will find the schedule for online learning included below in this email. Follow the times outlined for working on each subject area and when you can access your teacher during “Office Hours”. 

Your teachers will be posting work to the sites they have been using all year (School Loop, Google Classroom, or Canvas) on a weekly basis. They may also send you a link to Google Hangouts during the times scheduled for their subject area. You will be able to access them for questions or assistance. You must be checking your LoopMail, School Loop, Google Classroom and/or Canvas on a daily basis to ensure you get updates and communication. In addition, you can always email your teachers and they will get back to you as quickly as they can.

The work you will be doing is supplementary and will help you to be prepared to jump back in to your school work upon your return. This supplemental work will NOT be graded. If you have a D or an F in a class this is also an opportunity to complete and turn in missing work to raise your grade. Please contact your teacher regarding any missing/incomplete work.

You can expect no more than three hours a week of work for each subject. AP classes are not subject to this limit.

I know these mandates have greatly impacted your school experience and once we return we will find ways to capture back events that were cancelled. Know that your teachers, your Admin Team and staff all miss seeing you and look forward to your return. 

If you have any questions or need any help, please contact me at jmiller@cuhsd.org. You may also contact your Assistant Principal:

Ms. Halas (A-L) jhalas@cuhsd.org
Mr. Kapaku (M-Z)  gkapaku@cuhsd.org 

Mr. de Cesare mdecesare@cuhsd.org 

Or your Gguidance Ccounselor:

Ms. Fujishin (A-E) afujishin@cuhsd.org

Ms. Linsday (F-Lem) dlindsay@cuhsd.org

Ms. Flores (Len-Rem) eflores@cuhsd.org

Ms. Wesson (Ren-Z) mwessone@cuhsd.org

Counseling information can also be found on the Counselor’s Website: Counselor Corner

Go Warriors!!!

-Mr. Miller

Weekly Schedule








(9:00 - 11:00)



Staff Collaboration, Department & Teacher Team Meetings


World Lang./Physical Education

PM 11:00-1:00







(1:00 - 3:00)


Office Hours,

Check-Ins via Google Hangouts (Teachers, Counselors, Case Managers, etc.)




Office Hours,

Check-Ins  via Google Hangouts (Teachers, Counselors, Case Managers, etc.)

From: Aspiras, Catherine 
Date: Tue, Mar 17, 2020 at 5:53 PM
Subject: COVID-19 Information Packet and Resources

Dear Santa Clara County of Education, School Districts, and SLS Coordinators,


The novel coronavirus, known as COVID-19, continues to impact communities locally and across the globe.  We understand during this difficult time questions and concerns will continue to arise and course of actions will change daily.  Santa Clara County Behavioral Health Services Department (BHSD) has developed a packet of information and resources to share with you.  We hope that you find them helpful. 


The packet includes information from Center of Disease Control (CDC), Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and LSU Health:

  • Implementation of Mitigation Strategies for Communities
  • Preparing Communities for the Potential Spread
  • Mental Health and Coping
  • Talking with your Children
  • Checklist for Parents
  • Supporting Young Children Isolated due to COVID-19
  • Coping with Stress During Infectious Disease Outbreaks


Be safe and be well.




Maretta Juarez, LCSW

Division Director, Family & Children’s Division