Westmont High School

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CUHSD Forms:

District forms are required for registration and can be found at the district enrollment page
  • Registration Card
  • Emergency Card
  • Student Enrollment Requirements - Proof of Residency
  • Lunch Services
  • TB Mandate
  • TB Risk Assessment for School Entry form
  • Medication Authorization
  • Student Technology Policy
  • Acknowledgement Parents Rights
  • Notice of Parent Rights
  • School Activities Participation

Westmont High School Forms:




All parent/guardians wanting to pre-enroll their student(s) for the 2017- 2018 school year may do so by scheduling an appointment during normal business hours 7:30am to 3:00pm starting March 1st, 2017.

Please call 408-626-3406 and ask for your assigned Assistant Principal in charge of enrollment to make an appointment:

For students with the last name A-L, please ask for Mr. Matthew de Cesare and for students with the last name M-Z, please ask for Mrs. Emily Hanson.

You must currently be living in our attendance area in order to pre-enroll. It is not necessary to bring your student with you if you are pre-enrolling for the fall during this current school year. Please see the CUHSD Student Enrollment Requirements posted on our website for what is required to pre-enroll your student.

There will be several dates and times available before school starts. We do not enroll students during the months of June and July. We also do not enroll on the first day of school. Summer pre-enrollment will require you to bring the student with you. Campbell Union High School District Student Enrollment Requirements 7. Parent or court appointed legal guardian must accompany all new students A parent must show proof in the form of a government issued lD and appropriate court documents or student birth certificate to prove guardianship. The parent enrolling the student must live in our attendance area. 2. Proof of residence: One from each category 

A. PGE bill

A. government statement

A. cell phone bill

B. cable bill B. AFDC payments

B. insurance statement

C. telephone bill

C. food stamp receipt

C. doctors bill or statement

D. water/sewer/garbage bill

D. government issued lD

D. magazine subscription

E. rental agreement

E. tax bill

E. mortgage statement

F. rental insurance

F. W-2 F. bank statement

G. paycheck/pay stub

G. driver's license/DMV

G. escrow documents


*Note: CUHSD reserves the right to make home visits in order to verify residence. Home address is the location where the student sleeps each night. We have the right to substantiate residency at any time. 3. immunizations All students must have up to date required immunizations before they can enroll, including the Hepatitis B series and T-dap. A TB skin test is required within the last 12 months if new to Santa Clara County. 4. Transcripts Parents of middle and high school students are asked to provide academic transcripts from previous school. Withdrawal grades from the previous school will be used as proof of non-enrollment at the former school. The withdrawal grades will also be used when selecting classes for the student. The school reserves the right to make final class selection based on need and availability. 5. Proof of participation in Special Education Program or 504 Accommodation Plan Parents of special education students (RSP/SDC/ED/SAl/Speech) are asked to provide a current and active individualized Educational Plan (lEP) for each identified student. A parent may also provide a copy of a PsychoEducational Report or a 5O4 Accommodation Plan if appropriate. This will assist with placement. 6. Home Language Survey Parent/guardian must complete the Home Language Survey unless the parent/guardian can prove they have completed the HLS at the former school or district. 7, Emergency Card and Registration Card Parent/guardian must provide emergency contact information and health care information for the child. If the child will be taking medication on campus, please see the Health Care Clerk (or staff) for appropriate paperwork and requirements.