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Students of the Month (October): Julian Benesch, Daniel Blake, Allison Boles, Emmitt Breithaupt, Jeffrey Carlisle, Aida Medina Barragan, Joseph Mercado, Andrew Ngo, and Varun Saran.

College Requirements

The below A-G Requirements must be completed with a grade of "C-" or higher in order for students to be eligible to apply for the UC and CSU colleges in California. In addition to the
A-G requirements, students must also take the SAT or ACT exam. We highly recommend students take the optional writing portion of these exams (it is required by the UC campuses and many private colleges).
Minimum GPA required for UC applications:  3.0
Minimum GPA required for CSU applications:  2.0
Please visit our other Guidance pages for more detailed information about the application process!
Want to know which Westmont courses fulfill A-G requirements?
Click Here:   A-G Course List
* the black caps indicate required courses, the light grey caps indicate college recommendations